Price List

Dermal Fillers

(Via cannula)

Lip Enhancement


Cheek Contouring


Nasolabial Folds


Marionette Lines


* per ml syringe

Consultations and reviews complimentary

Deso Body and Face Fat Dissolving

(Via cannula intraliponeedle)

Face Per Session


Body Per Session


Light Eyes Ultra

(Via injection)

Per Treatment



(Via cannula or injection)

One Treatment of Soft Eyes


Two Treatments of Soft Eyes


One Treatment of Medium/Strong


Two Treatments of Medium/Strong



(Via injection)

One Treatment


Two Treatments


Vitamin B12 Therapy

Per dose


Course of 4 doses


* Consultation and private prescription fee included

Wrinkle Relaxing

(Via injection)

One Area


Two Areas


Three Areas


Private prescription fee included

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