About Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for maintaining optimal health. It is a vitamin that our body does not produce by itself but instead comes from the foods that we eat, such as meat, fish, milk and eggs.

Although some people receive additional Vitamin B12 therapy to treat a specific medical condition, you can also choose to boost your Vitamin B12 levels through Vitamin B12 supplement therapy.

What is the process for receiving B12 Therapy?

All clients are required to have a free no-obligiation consultation with Michelle prior to receiving this supplement therapy.

At this appointment Michelle will undertake a clinical assessment and may advise clients to contact their GP if Vitamin B12 deficieny is diagnosed.

This is so that their GP can investigate this further and potentially prescribe treatment on the NHS.

Clients will be provided with a client information leaflet explaining the treatment in more detail including benefits, risks, follow up, etc and will be required to sign a consent form prior to receiving any treatment.

Vitamin B12 Therapy

Per dose


Course of 4 doses


* Consultation and private prescription fee included

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