Wrinkle Relaxing

What is Wrinkle Relaxing ?

Wrinkle relaxing is commonly used to smooth lines and wrinkles in the face resulting in a younger look. It is most effective for crows feet, worry lines, frown lines, to raise the eyebrows and open up the eye area.

What is the Process for Receiving Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment?

Before receiving any wrinkle relaxing treatment with Unique Aesthetics, all clients must have a free no-obligation face to face consultation with Michelle. At this consultation, Michelle will take your medical history, discuss potential treatment options with you in more detail and provide you with the relevant client information leaflets for you to read.

These leaflets will outline the treatments in more detail including, any benefits, risks, the procedure itself, and the required follow up two weeks after receiving the treatment. This follow up is included in the cost of the treatment.

Clients will be required to sign a consent form before receiving any treatment.

Wrinkle Relaxing

(Via injection)

One Area


Two Areas


Three Areas


Private prescription fee included

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